Cryptoklix - THE ad server network in the crypto sector offers a technology combination of ad software and ad server that stores, manages, delivers and tracks ads in formats such as text, images (static and animated), audio or video on all devices, including desktop and mobile websites and apps.

The people behind CryptoKlix are professionals in online advertising as well as in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

We are happy to help our advertisers find the right ad space for their crypto product and try to get the most revenue out of our publishers' ad space. We do not leave our partners alone, but work with them to find the best solution for them, so that we can all profit from it together.

At the same time, when designing the user interface of our ad server, we made sure that the handling is as easy as possible so that neither we nor our customers have to spend too much time creating and managing campaigns.

Our server provides for all imaginable targeting functions – that's a must for us – and the real-time bidding process gives publishers and advertisers full control over their revenue and expenses.